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'Beautify Sugartree' Project Presented at City Council

“Love them or hate them, Sugartree Ministries is part of our downtown, and the building itself could use some work”, said local business owner (and contributor of Real Change Wilmington), Dustin Pearce, at City Council on Thursday, June 1, 2023.

“Regardless of whose job it should be to fix this problem, I believe Wilmington is a community of empowered individuals who take responsibility and get to work. So we made a plan to ‘Beautify Sugartree’.

The main project involves improving the landscaping on Main Street. Every plant and other item needed is listed on a wedding registry-like website that allows the community to get involved and contribute.

“We want our community to look nice, we also want our community members to experience the pride of knowing, ‘I helped do that’” said Pearce.

The project also involves removing and replacing the current signage, moving the vegetable garden behind the building for easier access, and encouraging the city to fix the street signs and crosswalks.

To contribute, visit If you would like to help install your contribution, email after your purchase to schedule a time to do so.

The main landscaping project aims to be compete by the end of June.



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