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Concrete Wall

Beautify Sugartree Project Registry


Help Beautify Wilmington's Downtown

Love them or hate them, Sugartree Ministries is part of our community—the place we call home. So regardless of "who's job it is" to make it look nice, Wilmington is a community of empowered individuals who take responsibility and get to work.


Real Change Wilmington has made a plan to improve the exterior of Sugartree Ministries (garden, signage, etc.), with the hope that other everyday community members like us would feel empowered to improve the look of our city by contributing a plant from our project registry below. All items contributed will be installed June 12–24. 

For more information, please see our frequently asked questions or email Thank you for being that change you want to see in our city.

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FAQ - Sugartree Project


  • Is the money going to Sugartree Ministries?
    No. All contributions go to "Real Change Wilmington, LLC".
  • Is my contribution tax deductable?
    Yes and no... All contributions go to "Real Change Wilmington, LLC". We are not a nonprofit, we are business-minded people who love our city and get (poop) done. However, there are always ways to write-off things on taxes, so please check with your CPA.
  • When will my contribution be installed?
    Between June 12–24. We are working with Annen Vance, City of Wilmington Code Enforcement Officer, to help with volunteers as part of her monthly 'Clean-Up Wilmington' community service projects. If you want to schedule a time to help install your contribution, please let us know by emailing after your purchase.
  • What is a "share" of an item?
    A "share" is a portion of an items full cost. We understand that not everyone can (or wants to) contribute the full price of an item. Sharing the cost allows more of our community to contribute to help beautify our downtown.
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