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Child Care

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Child Care Resources in Wilmington, Ohio

Find answers to your childcare needs here. Links to assistance eligibility, applications, as well as licensed childcare providers in the area and if they accept vouchers or are private pay only. You will also find foster care and adoption information here.

Table of Contents

  1. Child Care Providers (view)

  2. Financial Assistance (view)

  3. Youth Programs (view)

  4. Other Resources (view)


Child Care Providers

Clinton County Community Action Program Head Start Clinton Center

Phone: (937) 481-5064

Learn More: Website


Clinton County Early Learning Center

Phone: (937) 481-5681

Learn More: Website


East End Elementary School

Phone: (937) 382-2443

Learn More: Website


Erdman Center for Early Learning (Head Start)

Phone: (937) 382-8365

Learn More: Website


Laurel Oaks Preschool Center

Phone: 937) 382-1411

Learn More: Website


Sonshine Christian Preschool & Kindergarten

Phone: (937) 382-0904

Learn More: Website


Timber Faith Preschool

Phone: (937) 382-2185

Learn More: Website


Wilmington Cooperative Preschool

Phone: (937) 382-1465

Learn More: Website


Julie Wright

Phone: (937) 725-9992

Learn More: Website


Financial Assistance

Ohio Department of Job & Family Services (ODJFS)

The Ohio Department of Job & Family Services offers financial assistance to eligible parents and caretakers to help them with child care costs while they engage in work, educations or job training. Families can be eligible to have all or part of their monthly child care expenses paid on their behalf.

Eligibility: Website

Child Care Voucher Application: PDF

Voucher Accepted Child Care Programs: Website

Learn More: Website


Youth Programs

Clinton County Youth Council (CCYC)

Clinton County Youth Council (CCYC) is a free after-school youth center for students in grades 6–12. Our mission is to "help youth make healthy choices" by offering daily shelter, snacks/meals, mentoring, academic support, and recreation opportunities. Our house of operation are 3-7 pm Monday-Friday.

Hours: Mon–Fri 3pm to 7pm

Phone: (937) 382-2828

Learn More: Facebook


Other Resources

Ohio Kinship Program

With ODJFS the Ohio Kinship program provides support and education for family members taking care of children within their immediate family, either short or long term.

Phone: 1 (844) OHIO-KAN

Additional Resources for Kinship Families: Visit Website

Learn More: Website



Temporary and permanent care can have a lasting impact. Choosing to be a foster or adoptive parent means choosing to give a child love and stability at a time when they need it most.

Adoption Rights & Responsibilities: Website

Adoptive Parent Training: Website

Adoption Application: Visit the Clinton County ODJFS


Foster Care

Foster Program Requirements: Website

Foster Parent Training: Website

Apply to Foster: Visit the Clinton County ODJFS


Wilmington Child Protective Unit

If you have a child that you are no longer able to care for, please reach out to the local Child Protection Unit.

Phone: (937) 382-2449

Learn More: Website



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