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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Transportation Resources in Wilmington, Ohio

Transportation should not be a daily struggle. This page provides information on local transit as well as assistance for car repairs.

Table of Contents

  1. Financial Assistance for Vehicle Repairs (view)

  2. License & ID (view)

  3. Transportation (view)


Financial Assistance for Vehicle Repairs

CCCAP Cars Program

Clinton County Community Action Program has recently changed to assisting only with car repairs. Please contact the CCCAP CARS Program for emergency assistance for car repairs (not roadside assistance).

Phone: (937) 382-8365

Learn More: Website


License & ID

Wilmington BMV

Hours: Mon–Fri 8am to 5pm, Sat 8am to 12pm

Phone: (937) 382-2864


  • Issuing and Re-printing of ID cards (both driver and non-driver)

  • Registration issuing and renewal

  • Driving records

  • Scheduling Drivers Tests



Wilmington Transit System

General Transportation

Wilmington Transit System deliver passengers to places of shopping, work, healthcare, school, babysitters, daycare, etc. Wilmington Transit System is a "demand responsive, door-to-door service"; which means when a passenger calls, they send a vehicle, and if assistance is required, they will help them from their door to the door of their destination. Passengers may also make “time calls”, which is to set up a time that they need to be picked up at a later date and time.

Phone: (937) 382-7961

Cost Per Ride: $2 one-way fares in city limits. $1 one-way fares in designated areas within city limits for elderly and/or disabled with a Wilmington Transit System issued ID card. Call for out of city limits rates.

Learn More: Website


Clinton County Community Action Program (CAP)

Medical Transportation Assistance

Clinton County Community Action Program (CAP) provides medical related transportation assistance. For eligibility, you must verify your current income, provide a piece of mail with address dated within 30 days, ID, SS#, and proof of appointment.

Phone: (937) 382-8365


Clinton County Veteran Commission

Medical Transportation Assistance

The Commission provides transportation to the VAMC of our district, which is Dayton and also the parent medical center of the Wilmington VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC), which is Chillicothe. All exceptions to transportation policy must be reviewed and approved by the Veterans Service Commission.

Learn More: Website


ODJFS Transportation Assistance

Medical & Work Transportation Assistance

Ohio Department of Jobs & Family Services (ODJFS) provides limited assistance to help eligible residents with transportation. Must have Medicaid. Ohio Department of Jobs & Family Services (ODJFS) also provides assistance if not having the transportation keeps you from working. Ask for Prevention Retention & Contingency (PRC). Must have a minor children in your household.

Phone: (937) 382-0963



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