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Wilmington Transit System Shares Results from Public Survey

Jessica Powell, Executive Director of the Wilmington Transit System presented the results of their Public Transit Feasibility Study at City Council on Thursday, June 15, 2023. The survey was done in partnership with Laura Brown at RLS & Associates, Inc out of Dayton, Ohio. Key takeaways from the survey are:

1. Expand Hours of Operation

While the "ultimate goal" would be 24/7, the suggested first phase would be to focus on helping second shift workers by expanding weekdays hours from 7:30pm to 2am (+6.5 hours), Saturdays hours from 3pm to 5pm (+2 hours), and Sunday hours from 3pm to 5pm (+2 hours).

2. Add a Deviated Fixed Route

A "deviated" fixed route would operate like a regular bus route with regular stops, however it would be allowed to "deviate" to pick-up and drop-off people to locations near set stops. Laura Brown with RLS conveyed that this could help streamline efficiencies and cut back on one-on-one rides by offering someone who calls in for a ride for 9:45am the option to wait until 10am when the deviated fixed route would be scheduled near their location.

3. Add Countywide Demand Response Service Zones

Extended service areas would allow WTS' existing infrastructure to offer more rides to other cities in Clinton County. Jessica Powell with WTS told the story of how one city's mayor is currently giving a citizen rides to doctor's appointments because she has no other options. Jessica has already reach out to all of the mayors in Clinton County to discuss helping fund these countywide services, or applying for grants.

For more information please see the "Public Transit Feasibility Study for Wilmington Transit System" presentation below that was presented at City Council on Thursday, June 15, 2023, or contact Executive Director, Jessica Powell at



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