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Wilmington Transit Speaks at OH Living Cape May

Jessica Powell from Wilmington Transit speaks at OH Living Cape May
Jessica Powell from Wilmington Transit speaks at OH Living Cape May (Submitted Photo)

After a nearly four year hiatus from public events OH Living Cape May rolls out with The Speakers Corner, a public forum for the residents of both Cape May and Wilmington to learn about the services the city offers. Their first guest speaker was Jessica Powell from the Wilmington Transit System.

Powell began with giving the transits' current hours, 6:30am–7:30pm, stating that they are currently working with ODOT to expand their hours to help accommodate 2nd shift workers. The transit is funded through the FTA, ODOT, and the city of Wilmington, to which they have to provide proof of need for an hours expansion. The transit consists of the office staff, dispatchers, as well as 48 drivers, for their fleet of handicap accessible minivans and minibuses.

The transit's current rates for in-city limits are $2.00/per ride for citizens and $1.00/per ride for the elderly and disabled. They also offer out of town rates, starting at $1.00/per mile out of city limits. Powell also said that they will partner with JFS for people needing transportation for out of town doctors appointments, saying that the rate for out of town is the same and they charge an additional $2.00/per 5 minutes of wait time.

Powell went on to say that they also offer one way trips to the airport, charging citizens between $50–$100 depending on the airport. For an out of town trip, Powell says that you will need to contact the transit to schedule ahead so they can ensure that appointments are made on time.

If you are in need of the Wilmington Transit services you can contact them at (937) 382-7961, and they will soon be offering an app for online scheduling. Powell said that all feedback for the transit is welcome, encouraging people to call in and give suggestions, comments or concerns. The next guest for The Speaker's Corner is the VFW Auxiliary on March 21, 2023.



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