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Why doesn't Sugartree Ministries beautify their own building?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

We set out to ‘Beautify Sugartree’ because we wanted to be proud of our downtown, and show our community the power we have to make real change when we engage problems. Through this project we’ve heard some people ask, “Sugartree Ministries has their own landscaping company, why don’t they beautify their own building?”

This honestly wasn’t something we thought about, but the question does seem logical, so we asked Lee Sandlin. We also asked if we could record his response to (hopefully) show how much better life is when we have the character, courage, and humility to engage in difficult conversations.

We hope you feel empowered by this talk, and if there is something we didn’t mention, or you have more questions, reach Lee directly by going to



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