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We Are Moving Our Office

Hey Everyone, this is Dustin Pearce with Real Change Wilmington.

I recently purchased a building on North South Street that currently has a business tenant—I would have love to purchase one of the many vacant or underutilized buildings downtown, but unfortunately after 3 years of saving my money and asking around, none of their owners wanted to sell.

Obviously I love Wilmington and made it my home, so I have been working above and beyond with this current business tenant to help them succeed through the transition—like letting them choose their own move out date, not charging their last month’s rent, helping them relocate, and so much more.

And while I would love to share all the messy and beautifully human details right now publicly in my typical “real change” fashion, I am choosing to respect the people actually involved who wish to wait until after the holidays to share their own announcements.

Our motto at Real Change Wilmington is “we are a community of empowered individuals.” We started just a year ago, but have quickly set an example of the relationships that can form when we have the character, courage, and humility to challenge our thoughts and take rumors we hear to the source with an approach that is positive, constructive, and lighthearted. And while it has been our joy to do, we believe it is everyone’s responsibility if we wish to have a healthy community.

So as far as I know, good things are coming. But Until then, “keep it real, Wilmington!” 😎🤙



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