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Public Forum for the Proposed Davids Drive Pedestrian Connector

A Public Forum will be held during the Wilmington City Council Meeting on Thursday, May 16th at 7pm. The meeting will be held at 69 N South Street at the Municipal Building on the 2nd floor in Council Chambers. Members of Council would like to invite citizens as well as representatives from businesses, organizations, schools, and other workplaces who may be impacted by the Davids Drive Pedestrian Connector to voice their support or concerns regarding the proposed project.

This proposed project will construct a 2.2-mile multi-use path that will be 11-foot wide, to be constructed entirely within the existing Davids Drive public right-of-way north of the existing curb line beginning in the northeast quadrant of the intersection of Davids Drive and State Route 134. This planned path will proceed northeasterly through the intersections of Olinger Circle and Fife Avenue and terminate at the multi-use path that was recently constructed along Lynne Lane. The City has been awarded $1,000,000.00 of Federal funds from the Transportation Alternative Program Grant from ODOT for this specific project.

If you have additional questions regarding this Public Forum, please reach out to Annen Vance, Clerk of City Council at



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