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'Our Community Our Schools' $1k Student Scholarship Form

“Our Community Our Schools” $1,000 Student Scholarship Form

Real Change Wilmington’s motto is “we are a community of empowered individuals”, and we believe that extends to our children. So we are offering a $1,000 scholarship to any graduating senior at Wilmington High School who would submit an essay addressing our schools’ desire to pass our levy, and our community’s resistance to it. Essays must propose a common ground solution on how both parties can move forward as well as follow the rules and regulations below.

Essay Rules & Regulations:

Prompt: Write a 1–2 page essay addressing our school’s desire to pass our levy and our

community's resistance to vote for it, and present a resolution for both parties to move forward.

1. Essays must fairly represent both sides in a positive, constructive, and lighthearted way:

  • POSITIVE: We believe we can solve problems we face

  • CONSTRUCTIVE: We work through challenges without anger

  • LIGHTHEARTED: We remain human and laugh along the way

2. Essays must include cited quotes from 2 members of our schools’ staff and 2 members of our community.

3. Each submission must include:

  • The student’s original essay. Do not plagiarize or use AI—no amount of money is worth someone’s self respect.

  • A photo of the student.

  • Proof of the student’s enrollment in an accredited college or university.

  • A signed copy of the media release with parent or legal guardian’s consent.

4. Deadline for essays is FEBRUARY 29, 2024 at 11:59PM:

“Our Community Our Schools” $1,000 Student Scholarship Form
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