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New Wilmington City School Board of Education Members Starting in 2024

Left to Right: Bill Liermann & Bill Davis
Left to Right: Bill Liermann & Bill Davis

Bill Liermann and Bill Davis will be starting their new roles are Board of Education Members for Wilmington City Schools starting in January of 2024.

Below is there responses to a brief questionnaire asking: "why did you run for school board, and what changes can we expect in our schools?"

Bill Liermann

Many people in the Wilmington school community asked me about running last year (2022). As I had stated, I would not be running again for City Council. My term was going to end in 2023. I was disappointed that our state ranking had dropped and wanted to find out why.

I spoke with new Superintendent, Jim Brady, and let him know of my interest and concerns. I also spoke with current BOE member Brian Shidaker. I pulled petitions and filed in early February and began the process. Seeking input from many, I felt better communication is sorely needed, plus we must hold staff members accountable, be transparent in our decisions working with our school community, and make sure our curriculum aligns with students needs for the future. Discipline is lacking from what I am hearing. Mr. Brady is the best person to run the District, and we will face many challenges in 2024, most of all involving our finances.

I truly care about all students who attend WCS and want to see many improvements in the future.

​Bill Davis

I ran [for school board] because education is one of my passions and I believe our schools are part of the foundation of our community and I want to be a part of helping Wilmington City Schools become a positive light in our community.

I want our schools to reflect the views and beliefs of our community and will help guide the district in that direction.

The other issue was the possibility of the levy not passing, which it didn’t, and now cuts and changes will have to happen. I want to be a part of those decisions and feel I have the experience and understanding of the education system to help in this area.

The changes you can expect to see is the schools are going to become a safe environment for all students and staff. Students need to feel they are in a safe place so they can concentrate on learning and growing as individuals.

Staff need a safe environment and they also need to feel valued by listening to and supporting them. This will lead to a positive learning environment and a place where staff want to come to work and will allow us to retain quality staff.



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