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Locals Raise $2,600 for Children Living at the Homeless Shelter

On Saturday, December 16, 2023, representatives from several local groups delivered a check of $2,600 "FOR THE KIDS" living at The Clinton County Homeless Shelter. Their donation not only helps children at Christmas time, but all year around with things like clothing, shoes, coats, haircuts, transportation, school related costs, kid-friendly food items, and birthday gifts.

These organization include:

For more than 25 years, Dan Kennelly, President of Sons of Tyre Chapter-Widos Sons, has reached out to The Clinton County Honeless Shelter to see how they can help children living at the shelter. Then, every year, men and women from these organizations work together to raise funds.

Denise Stryker, Director of the Clinton County Homeless Shelter expressed a huge and heartfelt "thank you" to these organizations that raised funds for children living at the shelter:

"Thank you, Sons of Tyre Chapter-Widows Sons, Blanchester Eagles, Clarksville Masonic Lodge, Sabina Masonic Lodge, Blanchester Masonic Lodge, and Central Ohio Norton Owners for all that you do to bring smiles to kids all year long! Your big hearts, caring, and compassion is forever appreciated," said Stryker.



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