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ISE Highlight of the Week: Carla Monge

What country are you from? Madrid, Spain

What is your community like in your native country, and how does it compare to Ohio? In Spain I live in the city and here in Ohio I live in the countryside, my host family has animals and we live in the middle of a field, here I have two host sisters, and in Spain, I have one brother, in Spain I can use the public transport and here I have to take the car everywhere, also here they are more use to eat fast food.

What is something unexpected that occurred when moving here?

I didn’t expect that a lot of things were going to be related with the school, mostly with sports, also live in a farm and having animals is also something that a lot of people have and I didn’t think that it was that common and also that a bunch of people show animals like pigs, goats, cows… Also, there’s no big buildings.

What is one fun fact about you? I love travel , I went to a lot of countries, I like animals especially dogs, I also love playing sports and try to learn new ones , here in my exchange year I did basketball and track for the first time.

Pictured above is Carla's host family Jessica and Wes DeBold
Pictured above is Carla's host family Jessica and Wes DeBold



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