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'Direct Pay' Primary Care is the Way of the Future

After years of vacancy, the old CMH residency building at 825 W Locust Street will once again be home to its first healthcare provider, Tracy D Kelley APRN CNP Direct Primary Care. This is thanks to the 2023 acquisition and renovation by local property management company, LT Land.

Tracy is a Wilmington native with 23 years of experience in healthcare who started her practice in February after experiencing her mother struggle to get care from doctors because she was unable to make visits. “My mother is 80 years old and has Alzheimer’s. Doctors wouldn’t refill her prescriptions because she was unable to make in-person visits,” said Tracy. What sets Tracy’s practice apart is not only that she is available to make home visits and offer telehealth appointments through a mobile phone app, but that instead of dealing with insurance companies, she offers ‘direct pay’. This makes her healthcare pricing more affordable and transparent and gives power back to local healthcare providers so they can focus on doing what they love—caring for their patients, not being subject to large healthcare companies.

Tracy’s primary care pricing is currently $25/mo for people ages 17 and under, $55/mo for ages 18–49, $65/mo for ages 50+, and $155/mo for families. Tracy said, “When I first introduced my direct pay healthcare model, a senior patient said, ‘Why would I pay you $65/mo? But after visiting her and helping her get in touch with her other providers, she and her husband said, ‘Why would I not pay you?’” Tracy claims her services also help keep people from having to use the ER for minor issues when they can’t get to their doctor. For a full list of Tracy’s healthcare services, call (937) 807-4640 or visit



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