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Coalition on Homelessness Holds 'Day of Hope' at Denver Park

Clinton County Coalition on Homelessness (CCCH) was established in January of 2021 to relieve barriers for those experiencing homelessness in Clinton County. CCCH meetings are open to the public, and include representatives from many local and regional community resource agencies.

To address the broad issue of homelessness in Clinton County, the CCCH has four subcommittees, that are:

  1. Temporary Housing

  2. Rapid Rehousing

  3. Prevention

  4. Service and Resource

Michele Ricketts, who is the volunteer Chair of the 'Service and Resource' Committee, as well as the full-time Community Outreach Manager at BrightView Addiction Recovery Center in Wilmington, recently helped in the creation of a local resource event called a "A Day of Hope".

The resource event, held on Tuesday, July 25 at Denver Park from 1pm to 4pm, was open to the community and included many local service agencies providing things like housing, jobs, mental health, addiction treatment, spiritual counseling, and harm reduction.

"I told the CCCH, if I'm going to be the Chair the 'Service and Resource' Committee, we're not just going to get together and talk, we're going to hit the streets and help people", said Ricketts. 'A Day of Hope' was intended as a way to "go to the people", as Ricketts said, and create a safe place where people could access as many resources as possible to overcome their barriers.

The event also included a cookout and activities for families and their children. Ricketts and the 'Service and Resource' Committee hopes to hold the event quarterly throughout Clinton County.

'A Day of Hope' participants included: Clinton County Homeless Shelter, BrightView, Ohio Means Jobs, Talbert House, New Life Clinic, Mental Health Recovery Board, Community Health Alliance, Sugartree Ministries, Hope House, Clinton County Community Action, Wilmington Church of God, Anew Behavioral Health, Sabina Church of God, Ohio Recovery Alliance, Access Counseling Services / Regional Harm Reduction Collaborative, Autumn Behavioral, DeCoach, Clinton County Health Department, Real Change Wilmington, and many local volunteers.



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