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Clinton County Coalition on Homelessness Releases Strategic Plan

The Clinton County Coalition on Homelessness (CCCH) aims to prevent, and ultimately eradicate, Clinton County’s homelessness crisis. CCCH regularly holds outreach and education initiatives that are geared towards raising awareness, dispelling myths, fostering empathy, and creating a compassionate community that understands the complexities of homelessness.

On July 25, 2023, and October 17, 2023, their Service and Resource Committee held their first and second ‘Day of Hope’ events that brought together over 10 service providers to help provide much-needed resources to those in our community experiencing homelessness. CCCH sees these events as essential for aiding those transitioning from homelessness.

CCCH's strategic action plan underscores its commitment to comprehensively addressing homelessness by prioritizing coordinated access, safe housing provision, rehousing assistance, and long-term independence, CCCH aims to significantly impact the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

4 Keys of CCCH’s Strategic Action Plan:

Goal 1: Coordinated Access to Housing Stabilization and Homeless Prevention Assistance

CCCH acknowledges the effectiveness and compassion of preventing homelessness. Their initial goal focuses on offering coordinated access to housing stabilization and prevention assistance. Partnering with organizations, agencies, landlords, and social services ensures those facing housing instability have access to the necessary resources.

Goal 2: Provision of Safe, Temporary Housing and Additional Resources

The second goal concentrates on providing safe, temporary housing and extra resources for the homeless. CCCH collaborates with shelters, faith-based groups, and partners to swiftly connect individuals to services such as counseling and job training, promoting housing stability.

Goal 3: Access to Rehousing Assistance for Brief and One-Time Homelessness

CCCH's third goal aims to make homelessness brief and one-time. They partner with housing authorities, landlords, and property managers to increase affordable housing options, addressing immediate housing needs and underlying causes of homelessness.

Goal 4: Supporting Housing Stabilization, Critical Needs, and Independence

CCCH's fourth goal centers on supporting housing stabilization, critical needs, and independence post-homelessness. Through case management, we connect clients with vital services and collaborate with local employers for job placement and skill development, enabling financial independence.

Community members play a pivotal role in supporting CCCH's mission and are encouraged to contribute time, resources, or advocacy to help create an inclusive and compassionate community where homelessness has become a thing of the past.



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