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CCWC Meets to Discuss Connecting Schools and Local Businesses

Local business owners and employees attend CCWC meeting
Local business owners and employees attend CCWC meeting

The Clinton County Workforce Collaborative (CCWC) met on Wednesday June 14th for their regular monthly meeting. During the meeting topics like the Clinton County Fellows Program, how local schools and businesses can connect, and plans for the CCWC's social media were discussed.

Dessie Rogers (Clinton County Chamber of Commerce) and Ruth Brindle (Clinton County Port Authority) lead the meeting, beginning with the introduction of the Clinton County Fellows Program. This program was formed under the partnership of Energize Clinton County and the Regional Planning Committee and works to place college level interns with local businesses focused on projects involving change and sustainability. Rogers and Brindle stated that there are currently 3 Fellows interested in working with local business and the CCWC has taken one, Garrett Simmons, under their guidance to assist them on their upcoming projects. To learn more about the Clinton County Fellows Program you can visit their website (here).

Ruth Brindle and Dessie Rogers

During the "Work Group Breakout Session" Rogers and Brindle brainstormed with the attendees on what kinds of contact and communication from local schools that businesses want, and how to best utilize their resource guide (School and Community Connections Resource Guide) from both sides. Some of the ideas from local business owners and employees were:

  • More contacts at the schools from staff other than guidance counselors, to help gage students interest in things like business tours and job shadowing.

  • Adding Career Pathing to the guide or in another easy use document

  • Working with the schools to provide marketing inside the schools for internships, partnerships, and other opportunities for students to work with local businesses

  • Grade level sorting on the Resource Guide for ease of use to find opportunities

  • Working with the CCYC and other after school organizations to provide opportunities to students

The meeting concluded with creating an action plan to use social media, of both local businesses and the CCWC, to connect the citizens of Clinton County with the Resource Guide. Next month's meeting will be held on Wednesday July 12th at the Southern Ohio Educational Service Center and will discuss planning for the October Job and Resource Fair. If you have questions or want more information about the CCWC please email Dessie Rogers at or visit the CCWC page on the Chamber of Commerce site (here).



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