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‘Beautify Sugartree’ Wraps Up 💪❤️🏠

Hey everyone, this is Dustin Pearce with Real Change Wilmington.

Three weeks ago I stood here and asked for your help to beautify our downtown by contributing a plant from our online registry 🪴

Through this project, we faced critics from all sides—including from those who hate Sugartree Ministries, obviously, and even those who support them, surprisingly.

But regardless, we decided to move forward anyways, and think the results speak for themselves.

There were 24 people, who contributed 50 plants and other items, totaling just over $3,000, to help ‘Beautify Sugartree’ 🌲🌺🌳

And while our downtown looks much more beautiful now, the real beauty was in seeing our community work together, regardless of opinions and places in life, to make Wilmington a place we’re proud to call home.

One of my favorite stories was getting to interact with a community member who disapproved of Sugartree Ministries, explain to them that our goal was not to solve homelessness, but simply make a positive impact in our community, and then see them contribute $765!

That’s real change, and it was beautiful 🙌🤩💯

It was beautiful getting to know people we usually just pass by.

It was beautiful having our veterans donated a flag and our law enforcement helped raise it 🇺🇸

It was beautiful seeing the pride in people as they worked towards a greater vision for our community.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you, Wilmington.

We’re a community of empowered individuals 😎🤙



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