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012: Republican Primary 1st Ward City Council Candidates 2023 (with Kelly Tolliver & Josh Schlabach)

Real Change Wilmington sits down with both 1st Ward City Council candidates, Kelly Tolliver and Josh Schlabach. We asked them four questions: their family background and history in Wilmington, public services accomplishments, why they are running for council, and the response to public concerns and criticism.

Kelly Tolliver came to Wilmington in 1984, when his father took over Tolliver farms. Tolliver’s roots run deep as his family have been farming crops in Wilmington well before his birth. Now, Tolliver runs a very successful IT company, with a building soon to be opening downtown and is the head wrestling coach for the Hurricanes. He is running for first ward seat on council to help bring Wilmington back to the place it was that he fondly remembers growing up in, so that the community will have a safe and happy place to raise their children, live their lives and thrive.

Josh was born and raised in an Amish community in Holmes County, OH. After leaving the community he traveled with a humanitarian group through southeast Asia providing care and support to the disadvantaged people in the countries they visited. Finally settling in Wilmington and marrying his wife, Terri. Now, Schlabach owns and runs Ellis Fence & Home Exteriors, as well as building a bike shop and cafe on Mulberry St. Schlabach is running for first ward seat because he sees the value in a clean, safe, and prosperous city. He wants a place where his children can grow up and want to stay here for life.

This podcast is intended to help the city meet and learn the values of the candidates. It is important to do your own research and reach out to the candidates if you have additional questions. The primaries are on May 2, 2023 and we encourage everyone to get out and vote!



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