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Wilmington City Schools: Simple Answers to Common Concerns & How to Learn More

Updated: Feb 2

🧡🤝🖤 Real change takes two. Our community must take their concerns to our schools with an open mind, and our schools must get in front of misinformation and unresolved frustrations so that these things don’t do further damage. We have every reason to be proud of our community and our schools.

1. “Academics aren’t good”

Our academics may have been ranked 575/607 in Ohio back in 2021–2022, but last school year our test scores improved 10% or more in many areas, like Science, ELA, Math, and Algebra.

To learn more, contact Director of Curriculum:

2. “Curriculum is foolish”

Our curriculum is set at the state level and how it gets applied locally considers the needs of our students—some come from single, abusive, or addicted household. Also, roughly 50% of our students are on free or reduced lunch.

To learn more, contact Director of Pupil Services:

3. “Discipline is out of control”

Digital alternative school recently started being offered to students with behavioral issues to remove them from those they disrespected, while still letting them earn their degree. Both staff and students are noticing improvements.

For more information, contact Superintendent:

4. “There is no accountability for spending”

Our costs of fuel has more than doubled in just the last few years, but still we are taking advantage of utility co-ops as well as grants and other programs to save taxpayer dollars.

To learn more, contact Director of Operations:

5. “Our schools don’t need the money”

Our funding is made up of less than 50% from the state, and just a small percentage from property taxes. We do eventually need our local levy to help fund our schools if we want them to continue to be able to operate.

To learn more, contact Treasurer:

6. “Grade level centers don’t make sense”

Our schools are filled with good people trying to make the best decisions they can. Grade level centers make sense in many ways—eliminate redundant admin, let teachers collaborate, and most importantly to improve student learning.

To learn more, contact School Board President:



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