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Wawa Plans First Ohio Location In Wilmington

For the past several months, representatives from WaWa have been working with the Clinton County Planning Commission and Wilmington City Council to finalize plans for a convenience store at the corner of Rombach and Davids Drive. This new addition to our community would include delicious beverages, fresh baked goods, grocery items, a fueling station, and more. The origin of this gas station includes many interesting gems, such as the meaning behind the company’s name itself, which is a word that originates from the Lenni Lenape Native American language, meaning “wild goose”.

The company was first established in 1803 in New Jersey as a humble iron foundry, which laid the groundwork for what would become an iconic American brand dedicated to fulfilling lives every day. Fast forward to 1890, when George Wood, a visionary entrepreneur, planted the seeds of Wawa’s legacy by establishing the Wawa Dairy Farm in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

From bottling fresh milk to opening the first Wawa Food Market in 1964, their journey has been defined by a commitment to quality and community. Despite challenges, including threats to their families’ milk business in the 1950s due to the emergence of supermarkets and big grocery stores, WaWa’s commitment to its core values and dedication to serving its customers and communities remained unwavering. 

Today, Wawa stands as a beacon of success and resilience, with over $10 billion in revenue and a rapidly expanding presence nationwide. Lori Bruce, a member of WaWa’s Public Relations team, states, “We couldn’t be more excited to bring WaWa’s one-of-a-kind brand and offering to this market. We look forward to serving the community with our quality fresh food and beverages and, as always, our deep commitment to the communities in which we operate. As a privately held, family and associate-owned company, we are most excited to share our unique culture and store experience, which has resulted in family-like bonds with our associates, our customers, and our communities. As our Wawa family grows into new markets, we will forever treasure the important role we play in fulfilling customers’ lives.”

A possible concern for this new addition to Rombach would be traffic flow issues, which Mayor Haley shortly addressed in a city council meeting in mid-March. He assured that proper measures will be taken to efficiently redirect the flow of traffic.



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