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The Murphy Theatre, All That & A Nonperishable Can of Beans

Amanda Martin & Steve Burnette
Amanda Martin & Steve Burnette

Submitted by Steve Burnette

As the Murphy Theatre enters into her next 105 years, it could easily be said that her brighter days are still in front of her, as evident with her restored 73-year old marquee. The current 2000 Bulbs of Light Campaign notwithstanding, Ohio’s Hometown Theatre just recently served as the setting for a number of scenes for a motion picture, which brought tens of thousands of dollars into the local economy by means of hotel stays, cast and crew’s meals in restaurants, city permits, equipment rentals, fees paid to merchants for use of their space, and the purchase of many necessary goods, services, and additional supplies that were needed to dress up the set; not to mention all the excitement and attention for the city, welcoming Hollywood to kick off the new year.

The excitement continues here at the theatre, as we work hard to fulfill our mission statement—preserving this theatre to enrich, entertain, educate and inspire. We were pleased and proud to have been able to serve this community in 2023—hosting free kid’s events such as the annual Halloween Monster Mash and Dance party, Free Family-Friendly Films, and offering the Family-Focused national acts kept at a reasonable ticket price. Events like this are possible because people in our community believe in working together to benefit their hometown. Partnering with local businesses and individuals is one of the most rewarding parts of our job at The Murphy Theatre.

We also enjoyed seeing all of the children and young adults in the theatre last year, as many schools and educational groups continued to host their plays, concerts, band competitions, and tried something new, like Amanda’s favorites, the Seniors Spotlight and the WMS incentive day. The Murphy also serves as the site for fundraising events, is the home for The CC Community Band, and happily partners with the WC Music Department to host their wonderful concert series. The Murphy Theatre is once again becoming a gathering place for the community!

Throughout the year The Murphy Theatre witnesses the generosity of the community in several ways, including their contributions of non-perishable food items to the table kept in our lobby, for those who can bring a can or two. At the end of each month the collected groceries are then delivered to various organizations that distribute to the less fortunate in the community, and to date, in two years more than 1,000 pounds of food have been donated and delivered by this means.

When your city’s biggest block on Main Street is as vibrant and as busy as The Murphy Theatre has been the past two years, it’s a proud moment for the entire community. The Murphy Theatre prides itself on customer service and creating a family atmosphere, with the belief that the key to any success begins with kindness and creating a relationship with each individual that walks through the doors. The mantra at The Murphy Theatre is, “If you can’t be kind, you can’t be here.” Because of that, local merchants, the schools, and the general public get to be part of a something more than just a show. Theatres all over the country put on shows, but what sets The Murphy Theatre apart from all the others, is the caring people that run this museum with a stage. We are open year-round, with something to offer for everyone. In 2024—we’ll see you at the theatre!



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