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Resource Center Provides Children With MMA Training

Dow Tippet

In January 2023, thanks to a pro-social grant from the state of Ohio, Clinton County Resource Center started a Mixed Martial Arts program geared specifically for their registered youth. This initiative, led by local Martial Arts Instructor, Dow Tippett of The Way Karate on Locust Street, aims to not only introduce local youth to a diverse array of skills, but also to instill values of discipline, focus, and leadership. 

The initial phase of this program can be traced back to the Competitive RECLAIM Grant awarded by the Ohio Department of Youth Services. This grant was designed to divert eligible youth from further involvement within the juvenile justice system and reduce the need for costly state and county-supported residential services. 

At its core, the MMA classes offered by the Clinton County Resource Center serve as a training ground focused on individual growth. By participating in the program students learn how to seek peace, have respect, take responsibility, show care, and express honesty. From a physical standpoint, MMA training offers a unique outlet for releasing pent-up energy and channeling emotions constructively. One student states, “I feel more in control of myself after taking this class. It’s easier to not react.” This testimonial underscores the positive impact that the program has cultivated in just over a year.

Dow, the instructor, has been teaching Martial Arts for 22 years and currently holds black belts in Karate and Aikijitsu. When asked what success Dow has seen during his teaching career, he explained, “From the students who have moved from nervous to leading to the families transformed by participating in training together, The Way Karate has seen so many successes. There’s Ben and Christian, two students with disabilities who have learned not only Karate but to lead others. There’s Mary, who used to be afraid of even being touched, and now can move with speed and accuracy to protect herself. There’s a young brown belt who started shy, but now is finding empowerment. Multiple families have grown closer together and grown stronger together [through this program].”

While this free Martial Arts program is specifically geared for youth who are currently involved with programming at Clinton County Resource Center, other families, and students are encouraged to reach out to Dow Tippett directly at The Way Karate on Locust Street. Families are also encouraged to reach out to the Clinton County Resource Center about applying to their other programming.

Learn More:

• Clinton County Resource Center

   94 N South St | (937) 383-4114

• The Way Karate 

   985 West Locust St | (937) 725-1647 



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