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'One Mission' Meets with Homeless Shelter Leaders

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

One Mission Meeting 2023 01 21
Rich Boll, Pastor of Wilmington Church of God, Left. Courtesy photo.

Rich Boll, pastor of Wilmington Church of God and organizer of 'One Mission' gathered local homeless shelter leaders and community members to help address homelessness in Wilmington.

Speaker schedule included:

  1. Lee Sandlin, Sugartree Ministries Director, to discuss "how to interact and encounter people in need on the street".

  2. JoEllen Vance, Hope House Volunteer, to discuss "volunteering and helping at Hope House".

  3. Denise Stryker, Clinton County Homeless Shelter Director, to discuss "how to volunteer at the homeless shelter" and "one-page resources" (more information below).

  4. Amber Vance, 'Point-In-Time Count' Coordinator, to discuss "how we can do one more often than once a month".

  5. Sydney Murtlanto, Clinton County Homeless Shelter Access Point Coordinator, to discuss coordination with Sugartree, Hope House, and Homeless Shelter.

  6. Angel Boll, Summer's Place Director, to discuss success story and mental health needs.

Denise Stryker also shared a "one-page resource" for how to engage with people who are homeless, and provide emergency shelter resources. Download this resource below:



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