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New Downtown Wilmington Parking Map

In addition to educating our community on resources available to those in need, one of the main reasons Real Change Wilmington exists is to promote a positive outlook in our community by resolving “grumbling” where possible, and there is probably no greater source of grumbling than the lack of parking downtown—or so people say anyways.

I have heard the argument both ways: some people say, “there is no parking downtown”, and others say “there is parking downtown, people just don’t want to walk around the corner”. However, for myself, it wasn’t until I saw the (very detailed) online parking map created by Regional Planning that I realized just how much parking is available downtown—for instance, I had no idea the lot by Fiesta Veracruz was city owned, or that the lot behind the courthouse is public parking.

Then one evening I was walking through Miamisburg, Ohio with my family and noticed a few businesses had a simple, yet well designed, parking map displayed in their windows and I thought, “this would be perfect for Wilmington!”

So I used my graphic design skills to print some posters and distribute them to local businesses such as Peoples Bank, TinCap, The Murphy, and several others. The goal is to both educate our community on parking spots available downtown, and encourage downtown shopping, eating, and attendance at events.

Download the most updated parking map at

If you are a downtown property owner and would like a parking map, please send us an email through our website at



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