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Mayor Pat Haley Speaks at Cape May's 3M Club About His First Month in Office

Mayor Pat Haley spoke today at Cape May’s 3M Club about his first month in office and removing “25 No Left Turn signs on Rombach” among other updates. Watch the video to get to know our new mayor:

  1. (0min–11:10min): Changes to our Chief of Police, Evidence Room, and Public Records Requests.

  2. (11:10min–31:30min): Recap of the State of the City, School Crosswalks, Housing Developments, Downtown Retail, and Traffic.

  3. (31:30min–37:40min): Improving Transportation Department and Fire Department Building.

  4. (37:40min–47:08min): Addressing Homelessness/Vagrancy, Mental Health, Drug Abuse, Court Ordered Treatment, and In-Patient Treatment.

  5. (47:08min–1:04:21min): Questions and Answers.



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