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ISE Highlight of the Week: Tommaso Campagnolo

Wilmington's International Student Exchange (IES) program currently has over 9 students from countries such as Italy and Spain hosted by local families. Local ISE students recently led service projects at PAWS Humane Society and the Clinton County Homeless Shelter. One of the students, Tommaso Campagnolo, answered questions about his experience with the program thus far.

Q: What country are you from?

A: Italy

Q: What is your community like in your native country, compared to Ohio?

A: I think that Italian people are more open to new people and new experiences than people here. There are a lot of cultural differences! One big difference that I found is that people go to the church a lot more than people back in Italy. I live in a small city but not as small as Wilmington; I live with my mum and my brother because my parents are divorced; I used to share a bedroom with my brother, but now I have my personal bedroom.

Q: What is something unexpected that occurred when moving here? 

A: I didn’t know that American people were so strict with their children! A lot of my friends have to ask their parents for everything; in Italy is different, you can make your own decision even if you’re 17 years old: you have to tell your parents about that, but usually they agree with you. Another thing that is different is the public transportation: here trains and public buses don’t exist! In Italy even in the smallest city there are public buses.

Q: What is one fun fact about you?

A: I’m obsessed with clothes and sneakers, literally I could stay on social media searching for new stuff for hours.

Pictured above is Tommaso's host family Jo-Ellen and Hugh Vance



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