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Impromptu Interview at Green Meadows

We were invited to Green Meadows today with local service providers to talk with “approximately 70” residents who are being asked to move by the end of the month.

Here are some stories from the residents we talked to today while knocking on doors and letting them know about services available:

Steve has lived at Green Meadows for 2–3 years. He was told that Green Meadows was closing by someone walking around. His plan is to stay at the homeless shelter for a month and then rent a room in Wilmington when his social security hits his account.

Jerry has lived at Green Meadows for 2 years. He heard that Green Meadows was closing by hearsay. The VA is helping him transition to a sleeping room in Pickaway County and then to an apartment.

Trisha has lived at Green Meadows for 2 years. Her “old man” owns their trailer. They bought some land near Rocky Fork and plan to move their trailers there. They were told that they have until the end of the month to move because Green Meadows is under new ownership.

Amy has lived at Green Meadows for 2 years. They were given their trailer by the previous owner. They received a piece of paper saying to vacate in 30 days. They heard from a rumor that the place sold two months ago and they could have at least given them a 90 day notice, or at least until the spring. They have no plans for relocation yet. They said it’s hard to find a place to rent without income, and they are waiting on their Social Security Disability Income.

Roger has been living at Green Meadows for 6 months. Before this he was renting a room in Xenia. He owns his trailer and pays $350 a month to stay at Green Meadows. He was given a 30 day eviction notice. He lives off of Social Security. He said a lot of felons live here and now have no place to go.

Thank you to the following service providers who came out today:

  • Brightview

  • Sugartree Ministry Center

  • Clinton County Homeless Shelter

  • Clinton County Homelessness Coalition

  • Clinton County Job and Family Services Foster Care and Adoption

  • Clinton County Community Action Program

  • TLC

  • Celebrate Recovery



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