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GMAC Building on Main & Lincoln Gets Demolished

The GMAC building at 12 N. Lincoln Street was demolished today. The property has been part of a "587 day" code enforcement case according to Annen Vance, Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Wilmington, Ohio. Vance anticipates closing all violations, as well as the entire case against property owner, Harold Roberts, tomorrow after a follow up site visit.

In a Case Summary from February 8, 2023, Vance states:

"Serious concerns about the conditions and ongoing dilapidation at this property, this structure has been vacant for a number of years and is full of items. Attention was brought to the ongoing vacancy and dilapidation of this structure as break-ins had begun to occur and the property was open and unsecure. The owner has been given multiple opportunities to remedy the conditions of this vacant property but to date has made no interior or exterior improvements. The ongoing vacancy, dilapidation, and interior accumulations at this property are a threat to health and safety. This case has been open for 315 days."

Original code enforcement violations recommended prosecution for the following (see photos):

  • Public Nuisance Violation

  • Unsafe Structure Violation

  • Vacant Structure Violation

  • Exterior Property Maintenance Violations

  • Interior Property Maintenance Violations

  • Fire Safety Violation

  • Litter Violation

For more information on this case, please read the following record requests:

12 N Lincoln - Court Submittal PT 1
Download PDF • 4.01MB

12 N Lincoln - Court Submittal PT 2
Download PDF • 4.44MB

12 N Lincoln - Dismissal Info and Demo Permit
Download PDF • 229KB

Case 4397 - 12 N Lincoln History Current
Download PDF • 942KB



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