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Fred Haught Enters Conditional Plea of Guilty to 34 Criminal Charges

Fred Haught appeared in court on Monday, October 23, 2023 at 1pm and entered into a conditional plea of guilty to 34 criminal charges from 7 cases that resulted from 7 of his properties.

  1. CRB2101208 (A-B)

  2. CRB2101209 (A-F)

  3. CRB2200437 (A-C)

  4. CRB2200454 (A-G)

  5. CRB2200455 (A-G)

  6. CRB2300416 (A-D)

  7. CRB2300419 (A-E)

In exchange for his plea, the State agrees to "Diversion" with terms that he shall sell the properties within 60 days (on or before December 22,2023 at 8am). Proof of sale must be provided to Annen Vance, Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Wilmington on or before this time.

A review hearing was set for the beginning of February, 2024 to determine the status of the sale.

The record reads that, Fred Haught's "conditional plea of guilty on all Cases and Counts shall be held in abeyance until further order of the Court. Failure to comply with one or all of the the terms of this agreement will result in convictions on all matter and may result in the imposition of the aforementioned sentences."

See full trial details below:

State of Ohio vs Fred Haught - Conditional Plea October 23, 2023
Download PDF • 138KB



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