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Episode 003: Crime, Charity, Transparency & Communication (with Pat Haley)

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Brenda & Pat Haley, Dustin Pearce & Emily Spencer (Real Change Wilmington)
Brenda & Pat Haley, Dustin Pearce & Emily Spencer (Real Change Wilmington. Courtesy Photo.

Real Change Wilmington sits down with Pat Haley, Mayoral Candidate, and his wife, Brenda, to discuss Pat's early life, careers, and 4 key points for election.

Sitting down with former Commissioner Pat Haley, we discussed his four main points for running in the mayoral election: Crime, Charity, Transparency, and Communication. These four things can make or break a town and Pat has great intentions for addressing and administering each if elected. Pat showed us his passion for helping this community be the absolute best it can be. You can really feel his love for Wilmington, as someone who grew up in Port William and served not only as a Commissioner but as a Clinton County Sheriff.

Listen to Pat and Brenda talk about what makes them tick in this community, and where Pat's vision for mayor can take this town. Passionate and caring, it was nice to talk about some fresh insight for Wilmington.



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