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Airside North Sewer Challenges Presented at City Council

At City Council on Thursday, November 2, 2023, Council Member Nick Eveland presented on a project called Airside North that the Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) hopes will bring new businesses and industries into Wilmington. One of the challenges the project is facing currently is whether the sewer lines will tie into Rombach Avenue or near the Airpark.

The Clinton County Port Authority has agreed to work with the CIC and the developer to help acquire the right-of-way access needed to tie into the sewer system closer to the Airpark, which would free the sewer system on Rombach Avenue for other development—potentially residential.

In speaking about the need for this project, Eveland said, "my philosophy is... the more money you've got coming in the better off you are. So if we bring those business and industries into here, we'll have more money for all the restaurants and the things people like to have."

A PDF containing marketing material used to attract businesses to this property is attached below for more details on this project.

Download PDF • 3.91MB



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