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Adventure Cove Miniature Golf is Considering New Ownership

Left to Right: Beth Rice & Yvonne Price
Left to Right: Beth Rice & Yvonne Price

Adventure Cove at 3410 E Rombach Avenue (just north of Walmart) is in the process of considering new ownership to offer full-time attention and the possibility of expansion—“eventually I would like to have a go-cart track”, said new manager, Yvonne Price.

Current owner, Beth Rice, purchased Adventure Cove at an auction in 2012. It had been closed for several years and she wanted to reopen it for the community. During the pandemic in 2020, Beth transitioned the business to being on the honor system. Then in 2023, Beth was approached by Yvonne Price from Brown County who had just finished her Master’s Thesis on opening and running a miniature golf course in her home town.

Yvonne said, “I had called around several areas and hardly anyone would talk with me. [Then] someone told me about Adventure Cove in Wilmington, so I contacted Beth and that’s how we got started [working together]”.

Although Beth had the business and 8.43 acre property listed for sale at $399k, and offers from gas stations (not including Wawa), she was nervous they would tear down the course. So Beth and Yvonne worked out an agreement to lease the business to Yvonne with the hopes that she will be able to increase profits enough to get a bank loan to purchase the business.

Since taking over operations, Yvonne has added a 19th hole challenge, putt-putt pool, and music to the course. Yvonne has also started advertising corporate events and recently hosted McDonald’s. Other events have included school field trips, bridal showers, and even weddings—plus, starting in July, there will be a 10-week league! Call (937) 302-6249 for details.

Visit Adventure Cove Monday–Saturday 10am to 9pm and Sunday 10am to 7pm. Learn more at



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