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A Deep-Dive Into Wilmington’s Pool

Jeff Linkous, Nicole Corbin, Stephanie Hughes, Samantha West, Tim Frazier
Jeff Linkous, Nicole Corbin, Stephanie Hughes, Samantha West, Tim Frazier

Jeff Linkous and Stephanie Hughes, Board Members of Clinton Swim & Tennis Club (CS&TC) located at 851 S Nelson Avenue, recently recorded a podcast interview with Real Change Wilmington to share the history and importance of Wilmington’s community pool (listen at

CS&TC opened in 1957 after a group of approximately 200 community members got together and contributed $200 each, according to Jeff. “This was before it was common for people to have backyard pools”, said Jeff.

Jeff grew up going to Lebanon’s Swim Club before Countryside YMCA was built. After graduating college at UC, Jeff came to Clinton County as the Deputy Engineer in 1980. Jeff raised his kids at CS&TC and became a Board Member in 1999. One of his most memorable stories was getting a call saying someone drove a truck into the pool—apparently a couple got into a fight, and the woman stole the man’s truck and put a stick on the gas pedal. “The entire pool had to be drained,” said Jeff.

Stephanie grew up going to CS&TC and became a Board Member in 2021. She remembers her mother taking her to swim practice and the freezing cold morning waters. “I can’t wait to torture my own kids in that way. It makes you a stronger person,” joked Steph.

CS&TC not only hosts swim lessons and a champion winning swim club (The Barracuda’s), they also host various other summer sports and family events, like: tennis, volleyball, moonlight swims, Hawaiian luaus, and their famous giant slip-and-slide.

Despite the positives however, CS&TC does face challenges, like rising upkeep costs and maintaining membership. “Blanchester lost their pool, Hillsboro just closed their pool [but] we’re trying to keep it going. It’s for the families of Clinton County and Wilmington,” said Jeff, who believes every kid should know how to swim. Steph added, “my kids have had friends who don’t know how to swim and it really impacts their life socially.” She says while her family also has Kings Island passes, she enjoys how her kids can run into friends and maintain relationships over the summer at CS&TC.

Season membership is “very reasonable,” said Jeff, at $332–$395 for a family. Learn more at



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