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A Brighter Horizon for Sonshine Christian School

Sonshine Christian School (SCS) is a preschool and kindergarten educational center located inside Wilmington Church of Christ at 909 W Locust Street. Cassie DeBoard became the new Executive Director in 2023 and brings a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and 6-years of experience teaching in a public middle school. In her new position, Cassie is working for  the school to not only be known for its Christian values, but also its academic excellence. “My goal is that when we have a kid going into the first grade... that principal looks at that record and says, ‘ooo, they went to SCS... we know they’re going to be awesome”, said DeBoard.

This passion for academics began in her childhood and has since grown. “My passion has always been education, ever since I was a little girl with a chalkboard in my room with my Teddy bears... my stuffed animals were very smart,” joked DeBoard.

DeBoard’s hope at SCS is to better prepare students for kindergarten. “Parents are starting to realize that when [their child] gets to kindergarten and first grade, they’re expected to know so many things. They need that little step up to get them [prepared]”, said DeBoard.

SCS currently has three classroom levels available, ranging from 3–6 years old. In the upcoming academic year, DeBoard plans to hire additional teachers and increase enrollment from 40 to 70 students. Enroll and find job opportunities at



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