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2024 Farmers Market Director, Elise Snarr

Elise Snarr

Elise Snarr is the new Executive Director for the Clinton County Farmers’ Market, stepping in for Sally Buchanan, who has been involved with the Farmers’ Market since 2017. Elise is currently a Junior at Wilmington College studying Resource Conservation and Regenerative Agriculture. 

Elise was first introduced to agriculture through 4H in the third grade. Monte Anderson, who at the time was a professor of agriculture at Wilmington College, allowed her to use two of his goats to show at the Clinton County Fair. During this time, she was educated on the fundamentals of animal science and husbandry.

In 2014, when she was 11 years old, Elise went on a trip to Costa Rica with the Agriculture Department at Wilmington College. It was here that she was introduced to an entirely different aspect of Agriculture than what she had previously experienced such as hydroponics and biodigesters. This, combined with her seasonal work on her uncle’s start-up farm in West Virginia, solidified her passion for agriculture.

Although she wasn’t raised on a farm, Elise states that Wilmington College has done a fantastic job of teaching her the fundamentals of agriculture. She states, “It has been a great opportunity for learning the lay of the land and not feeling like you’re behind just because you weren’t raised in that environment.”

At this time, Elise envisions her future career to involve connecting community and farmers, which she states, “is a perfect example of our Farmer’s Market”. Elise has multiple creative ideas for the future of the market, with the main focus being furthering community involvement and partnerships, and encouraging physical activity for children through fun incentives.

The season opening of the Clinton County Farmers’ Market will be on Saturday, May 11, 2024, at 8:30 am.

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