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037: Doc's Dogs Food Cart (with Jeff Schussler and Kim Law)

You no longer need to drive to the nearest stadium for the mouth-watering taste and smell of hot dogs. Docs’ Dogs, a local food cart started by Jeff Schussler and Kim Law, is bringing this nostalgia to Wilmington!

Jeff, who jokingly refers to himself as “Docril” (a play-off of one of his food heroes, Emeril Lagasse), was born and raised in Detroit, where he developed his love for hot dogs through attending baseball games with his dad. After graduating from the University of Michigan for his undergraduate degree, and then the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine for his graduate degree, he completed his residency at the Cleveland Clinic. Shortly after the completion of his residency, he opened his own practice in Cincinnati, serving 12–15 nursing homes. In 2012, he retired from private practice and became a concierge podiatrist.

Kim, well known for her local photography business ‘Mudpie Photos’, raised her four children in Wilmington and currently works full-time at East End Elementary while continuing to pursue her creative aspirations. She states, “I’m very crafty, so I do a lot of different projects at home. I’m never bored. I’m constantly on my feet doing things.”

The couple met through a dating website, which Jeff explained as “love at first sight”. After 3-years of being together and a romantic proposal in Jamaica, Jeff decided to sell his house at Lake Waynoka and move in with Kim. Jeff states, “I love Wilmington. It’s been great. I’m excited to be here and work here.”

Their new business, Doc’s Dogs, has been in the works for over a year. The couple began by searching for a food cart and exploring healthy food options. After careful consideration, they decided on Kirkland and Nathan’s brand for their hot dogs, and the Schmitz sausage in Columbus for their ‘Bahama Mamas’. Kim explained, “We wanted to give the most value and the best product to the customer. Kirkland is a superior product and it is a healthy product. It is all beef, has no fillers, is gluten-free, and no by-products. We’ve done a lot of research on [Kirkland’s] background, as well as the Nathan’s background.”

Their commitment to healthier options includes toppings as well. Kim states, “A hot dog is a relatively healthy product. People lose weight eating hot dogs. It’s the toppings where you’re going to gain the weight.”

For those who would like to “eat hot dogs for a better life”, join Doc’s Dog’s grand opening on April 6th from 11 am–2 pm at the First State Bank parking lot, or 6 pm–11 pm at Ole Town Tavern. There will be giveaways, a balloon artist, and kids’ eat-free! Visit for more info.

Kim Law & Jeff Schussler
Kim Law & Jeff Schussler



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