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022: Inside Hope House (with Katie Terrell)

Hope House is an emergency women's shelter started in 2014 to help shelter women that the Clinton County Homeless Shelter (CCHS) could not due to space limitations or regulation issues (for instance, the CCHS requires guests have IDs due to state regulations, Hope House does not).

Hope House started at Crossroads Church, moved to a house owned by a board member on West Locust Street across from Domino's Pizza, and finally moved to 495 E Locust Street in 2019.

Katie Terrell was hired as Hope House's first House Manager in 2021. The nonprofit's board saw a need to hire a full-time person to live in the house after COVID when numbers were down in both volunteers and women. Katie is originally from Clinton County, and was doing missionary work in Spain prior to moving back home to be closer to family.

Katie's interview with Real Change Wilmington discusses Hope House's history, services, reasons that bring women there, what sex-trafficking looks like in Clinton County, and even addresses some community concerns and criticisms, such as women being allowed back who break the rules.

To get in touch with Katie to ask additional questions, volunteer, donate, or stay, please call (937) 366-1123, visit, or email

Listen to the full interview with Hope House on your favorite Podcast player:



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