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011: Inside the Clinton County Youth Council (with Eric Guindon)

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Emily Spencer (RCW), Eric Guindon (CCYC), Dustin Pearce (RCW), Submitted Photo
Emily Spencer (RCW), Eric Guindon (CCYC), Dustin Pearce (RCW), Submitted Photo

Real Change Wilmington sits down with Executive Director Eric Guindon from the Clinton County Youth Council (CCYC). To discuss what the CCYC is, debunk common misconceptions, and learn about the life of Eric Guindon.

Guindon started with the CCYC in his own childhood, going to the location to take advantage of the skate park as a middle and high schooler before his graduation from Wilmington High School in 2003. The CCYC is Wilmington's only daily after school program for kids ages 12-18 (middle and high school), that provides a safe space for kids, offers free lessons in the musical and visual arts, promotes and teaches healthy life skills, and is a place for children to model relationships and have adult support outside of a school and home setting. They provide a snack and supper meal daily for kids, and encourage the children to help in the cooking process. These meals also serve as "community time" where the children are encouraged to sit down with no technology and speak about their day.

The current open hours for the CCYC are:

School Year: M–F 3pm to 7pm

Summer: Open 3 days a week 3pm to 7pm (hours vary based on activities)

This interview shows the great side of a community that loves it's youth and wants to see them thrive. With some interesting history on the CCYC and heartfelt moments with the kids you can tell Guindon's passion for his job. If you would like to volunteer or get more info on the CCYC reach out to Guindon at



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