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010: Inside the Police Department (with Chief Ron Fithen)

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Emily Spencer (RCW), Chief Ron Fithen (WPD), Dustin Pearce (RCW), Submitted Photo
Emily Spencer (RCW), Chief Ron Fithen (WPD), Dustin Pearce (RCW), Submitted Photo

Real Change Wilmington sits down with city of Wilmington Police Chief Ron Fithen to learn about his career with the police department, misconceptions about the police, and what the police is doing to create real change.

Chief Fithen came to Wilmington in 1991 after accepting a position with the Wilmington PD. Fithen has a family history of law enforcement, his grandfather had served as a sheriff for 40 years. Fithen fondly remembers the crisp pressed uniform his grandfather wore and the passion for helping others, that really inspired him to get into law enforcement. Straight out of high school Fithen was an EMT before deciding to attend the police academy at the age of 24, since then he has gained quite a few accomplishments with the WPD – including being the first K9 officer in Wilmington's history, working with his partner Ren staring in 1994 until his retirement from the force in 2005. In July of 2022 Mayor John Stanforth swore in Fithen as Wilmington's Chief of Police.

This interview covers the police department and in a simple and straight forward way, it makes you remember that we are all striving to make Wilmington as better place to live, and we should not forget where we came from. Finally, to answer the pressing question, Chief Fithen does not have a favorite donut he prefers a Hoho and a Coca-Cola.



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